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1. Rebbi Eliezer: There are ten laws for which the amount of liquid required is a Revi'is.
2. The Gemara lists the five (of these ten) laws that involve blood and wine.
3. The Gemara lists the five (of these ten) laws that involve oil and water.
4. The Gemara asks why various other Mitzvos that require a Revi'is are not on this list, and resolves these questions.
5. A Nazir who drinks wine all day long is liable for transgressing only one prohibition.


1. Five of these laws involve wine and blood, and five involve water and oil.
2. Among these laws are: A Nazir may not have a Revi'is of wine, a person must drink four cups of wine on Pesach night that each contain a Revi'is, and a Torah scholar may not issue a ruling if he has drunk a Revi'is of wine.
3. Among these laws are: The loaves accompanying a Korban Todah must have a Revi'is of oil in them, a Nazir must have a Revi'is of oil in the loaves of his Korban, and the water in the cup in which the blood of the bird-offerings of a Metzora is collected must have a Revi'is.
4. One of the main answers the Gemara gives is that the list does not include any Mitzvah for which there is an argument about whether the amount is indeed a Revi'is.
5. However, if -- before each time he drank -- he was warned that drinking wine is forbidden and that if he does so he will receive lashes, then he is liable for each time.


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