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1. Rebbi Elazar usually understands inclusive and exclusive words in the Torah written next to each other through "Ribah u'Mi'et."
2. The Gemara assures us that Rebbi Elazar agrees that some verses are understood through "Klal u'Prat."
3. When we derive through "Klal u'Prat u'Klal," we derive that anything that is like the Prat is included in the verse.
4. The Gemara explains the practical difference between a "Klal u'Prat u'Klal" and a "Prat u'Klal u'Prat."
5. Nazir is unique, in that the amount of grape product a Nazir must eat to transgress can be partially comprised of a non-grape product.


1. In other words, when the Torah states both an inclusive and exclusive description in a certain verse, it is including everything possible besides one thing. Accordingly, when the Torah says that a Nazir cannot drink "wine and beer" and then says "anything that comes from a grapevine," it means that anything that comes from a grapevine (even a leaf) is prohibited, except for the branch itself.
2. This is not to be taken for granted, as the Gemara understands that the Rabanan who disagree with Rebbi Elazar never understand verses through Rebbi Elazar's system of "Ribah u'Mi'et."
3. An example of this is when the verse states, regarding Ma'aser Sheni money brought to Yerushalayim, that one may purchase "anything you want (Klal), cattle, sheep, wine, or beer (Prat), and whatever you want (Klal)." The Gemara derives that a person may buy with his Ma'aser Sheni money anything that is like the Prat, meaning anything that comes from another entity and grows from the ground (animals are deemed to have this status).
4. We derive from both of these teachings that the Torah is telling us to include things that are like the Prat. However, if there are two criteria, then if it is a Klal u'Prat u'Klal we include anything that is like even one of the criteria, but if it is a Prat u'Klal u'Prat we include only things that have both criteria.
5. This is derived from the words, "v'Chol Mishras Anavim" -- "And anything soaked in wine," implying that even if a Nazir dips his bread in wine, the bread counts towards the amount of prohibited grape product that a Nazir needs to eat in order to be liable for lashes.


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