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1. There is an argument whether a conditional pledge to Hekdesh that is not fulfilled in an exact manner is valid.
2. The Gemara explains the reasoning of each opinion (#1).
3. The Gemara discusses whether a person dedicates something to Hekdesh in a generous manner.
4. The Mishnah discusses the case of a person who mistakenly thought that the vow of Nezirus he made was invalid.
5. If such a person dedicated an animal for his Chatas of Nezirus, and then he found out that he was not a Nazir, the animal is Chulin.


1. For example, the Mishnah states that if a person pledges that the first black ox that comes out of his domain will be dedicated to Hekdesh, and a white ox comes out first, Beis Shamai says that it is Hekdesh. Beis Hillel says that it is not Hekdesh.
2. Beis Shamai: Just as a mistaken Temurah is still Temurah, a mistaken Hekdesh is still Hekdesh. Beis Hillel: Temurah is different from Hekdesh.
3. In other words, do we assume that other things that may be included with whatever he is dedicating are included, or do we say that he included in his dedication whatever he said he dedicated to Hekdesh (and nothing more)?
4. The case involves a person who thought his vow was invalid because he used invalid terminology to become a Nazir. If he drank wine, and then asked a Chacham and was told he was indeed a Nazir, the days he drank wine still count towards his pledge of Nezirus (which is generally presumed to be thirty days).
5. It may be used normally, as a person cannot dedicate an animal to be a Korban that is possible to bring only if he has a certain status (i.e. a person cannot dedicate a Chatas unless he knows he sinned accidentally for a sin for which one is required to bring a Chatas).


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