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If a Nochri was selling produce and claims that the fruits are Orlah or Neta Reva'i, he is not believed. (1)
If a witness sees a Mes by the light of a candle or the light of the moon, he may testify that he died.
There was an incident in which a person announced on top of a mountain that a certain man had died, and they allowed the wife to remarry. (2)
Beis Shamai: A woman may not get remarried on the basis of a Bas Kol. Beis Hillel: She may get remarried on the basis of a Bas Kol.
A demon has a shadow, but not a shadow within a shadow.
At a time of danger, a person may write and give a Get on behalf of someone who requested it, even if we do not recognize the person who requested it. (3)
A woman may get remarried on the basis of a witness in the name of another witness, or on the basis of the testimony of a maidservant.
A woman is believed to bring her own Get and to testify, "In front of me it was written and signed."
Rebbi Akiva: We do not interrogate witnesses who testify about the death of a husband. Rebbi Tarfon: We do interrogate them.
Rebbi Chanina: Min ha'Torah, all witnesses must be interrogated, but the Chachamim decreed not to interrogate witnesses in monetary cases. (4)
Torah scholars increase Shalom in the world.


1. He is not believed because his intention is to extol his produce. Similarly, if a Nochri threatens a Jewish person to do his bidding or else he will kill him just as he killed so-and-so for defying him, the Nochri is not believed, because he is making it up in order to intimidate the person into doing his bidding.
2. They allowed her to remarry even though they were unable to locate the person who announced it.
3. For example, a man is trapped inside a pit and he says that anyone who hears his voice should write a Get to his wife.
4. This is in order so that we do not "close the door" on people who need to borrow money.


The Mishnah says that a woman may get remarried on the basis of a witness in the name of another witness or on the basis of the testimony of a maidservant. The Rif quotes the Yerushalmi that if a document is found stating that a woman's husband died, the wife may get remarried on the basis of the testimony of that document. The Rambam says that we allow the wife to get remarried on the basis of the document only if we recognize the handwriting to be Jewish writing.


If a witness comes to a woman privately and tells her that her husband died, there is no longer any need for his testimony; the woman may come to Beis Din and say that her husband died, and she is permitted to remarry. However, if the witness that she is quoting denies that he said that her husband died, she may not remarry. (Shulchan Aruch EH 17:8)
If a woman says that witnesses told her that her husband drowned and that the Beis Din permitted her to remarry, she is believed. (Beis Shmuel)

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