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In a case where the Atarah is punctured and the puncture hole closes up, the man is Pasul if the hole opens up as a result of pressure from Keri.
Yakov Avinu never experienced an emission of Keri. (1)
If the lung of an animal is injured, the animal is a Tereifah, even if a scar develops in the place of the injury.
Rabah bar Rav Huna: A man whose urine emanates from two places is Pasul.
Rav Huna: Two women who rub against each other are Pesulah for Kehunah. (2)
A Petzu'a Daka and Kerus Shafchah are permitted to marry a Giyores and a freed maidservant.
A Petzu'a Daka Kohen does not have Kedushas Kehunah and is permitted to marry a Giyores.
A Petzu'a Daka may marry a Nesinah. (3)
Mamzerim and Nesinim may marry each other.
No converts were accepted at the time of David ha'Melech and Shlomo ha'Melech.
Shlomo ha'Melech did not have a valid marriage with Bas Pharaoh. (4)
Male converts from Amon and Mo'av are forbidden forever from marrying into Klal Yisrael.
Converts from Mitzrayim and Edom are forbidden to marry into Klal Yisrael for three generations. (5)
Yishai, the father of David ha'Melech, was accompanied by 600,000 men when he traveled from place to place.
Only the male Moabites and Amonites are forbidden to marry into Klal Yisrael, because they should have brought bread and water to the Jews in the Midbar.


1. Reuven was born from the first drop of Keri.
2. Rava argues and says that even according to Rebbi Eliezer -- who says that a single girl who has relations renders her a Zonah -- a relationship between two women is nothing more than Peritzus, and the women remain fit for Kehunah.
3. According to the original opinion of Rava, the prohibition to marry a Nesinah who converted is an Isur mid'Rabanan, and the Rabanan prohibited her only from marrying people of pure lineage. It does not apply to people who are Pasul. However, according to the second opinion of Rava, the prohibition is Min ha'Torah, and even so she is permitted to marry a Petzu'a Daka, because he does not have the Kedushah of a Yisrael.
4. Because of the great love that Shlomo had for her, the Torah regards it as if he married her.
5. Rebbi Shimon says that the prohibition applies only to the males and not to the females.


The Gemara says that if a person had a puncture hole in the Gid and it subsequently healed, he is not Pasul. The Nimukei Yosef says that even though he is Pasul as long as the puncture hole has not healed, he is allowed to marry a Bas Yisrael, since the puncture hole can potentially heal. Only one who suffers a permanent injury is regarded as a Petzu'a Daka and is forbidden to marry a Bas Yisrael. When the Gemara says that he is Pasul if it has not yet healed, it means that he is incapable of having a child, and if his wife gives birth the child is a Mamzer.


It is forbidden for two women to rub against each other, as this is regarded as the deeds of the land of Mitzrayim that are prohibited. They are liable for the punishment of Makas Mardus for transgressing this Isur. (Shulchan Aruch EH 20:2)
A woman who engages in such an act, even though it is forbidden, is not forbidden to her husband nor is she forbidden to Kehunah. (Beis Shmuel)

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