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A Tevul Yom is valid for the Parah Adumah.
A Kohen who eats Terumah or Bikurim while he is Tamei is Chayav Misah.
A non-Kohen who eats Terumah or Bikurim unintentionally must pay the principle plus a Chomesh to the Kohen.
If Terumah or Bikurim become mixed with Chulin, they are Batel only if there are 100 parts Chulin per one part Terumah or Bikurim.
The Kohen is required to wash his hands prior to eating Terumah or Bikurim
A Kohen who is a Tevul Yom is forbidden to eat Terumah or Bikurim.
Ma'aser Sheni and Bikurim must be brought to Yerushalayim, and they require Viduy and Bi'ur and they are forbidden to an Onen. (1)
If Ma'aser Sheni or Bikurim become Tamei, they are forbidden to use for lighting a lantern.
If a person eats Ma'aser Sheni or Bikurim that are Tamei, he receives Malkus.
Terumah is permitted to an Onen.
Pesulei ha'Mukdashim may be eaten by both Teme'im and Tehorim together.
Oil of Terumah that became Tamei may be used for lighting a lantern. (2)
The punishment of Kares is more severe than the punishment of Misah b'Yedei Shamayim.
An Isur Aseh forbids a Kohen from eating Terumah that is Tamei.


1. Rebbi Shimon maintains that Bikurim are permitted to an Onen, and he also maintains that they do not require Bi'ur.
2. Oil of Kodesh that became Tamei may not be used for lighting a lantern.


The Beraisa says that Ma'aser Sheni and Bikurim require Viduy (the declaration that one disposed of the Ma'asros properly, made at Pesach time of the third year), while Terumah does not require Viduy. Tosfos asks that the Mishnah says that Terumah also requires Viduy. The Ri answers that Terumah requires Viduy only if one also has Ma'aser, but if one has no Ma'aser, no Viduy is required for the Terumah. The Tosfos Yeshanim answers that even though Terumah also requires Viduy, if one had not disposed of the Terumah properly and thus cannot say Viduy for it, he still may say the Viduy for the Ma'aser. In contrast, if one has not disposed of the Ma'aser, he may not say any Viduy at all, even for the Terumah.


One who eats Ma'aser Sheni while Tamei receives Malkus, whether the Ma'aser Sheni is Tamei or whether the person who eats it is Tamei. One receives Malkus only if he eats the Ma'aser Sheni in Yerushalayim without redemption; if one eats it while Tamei outside Yerushalayim, he receives Malkus Mardus. It is forbidden even to light a lantern with it once it becomes Tamei. (Rambam, Hilchos Ma'aser Sheni 3:1)

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