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According to Rava, when Rav says that the child of an Arusah who is pregnant is a Mamzer, this is only if she is not suspected of having relations with the Arus.
A Bas Yisrael who has relations with a servant is invalid for Kehunah.
A Bas Kohen who is widowed from a Yisrael and has grandchildren from him -- even if they are Mamzerim -- may not eat Terumah.
Rav Dimi says that a child born to a Bas Yisrael who had relations with a servant or Nochri is a Mamzer, even according to the Chachamim.
A Kohen who is uncircumcised or Tamei may not eat Terumah, but his wives and servants may eat Terumah.
A Kohen who is a Petzu'a Daka or a Krus Shafchah may eat Terumah, and so may his servants, but his wife may not. (1)
An uncircumcised person may not eat from the Korban Pesach.
A Jewish servant who is owned by a Kohen may not eat Terumah. (2)
A person who acquires a Jewish servant does not have a Kinyan on him. Therefore, the servant may eat from the Korban Pesach.
Rebbi Eliezer says that when the words used for a Gezeirah Shavah are extra only on one end, it is a valid Limud only if there are no questions on the Gezeirah Shavah.
An Onen is forbidden to eat the Korban Pesach, but he may eat Terumah.
A person whose son or servant is uncircumcised may not eat the Korban Pesach, but he may eat Terumah.


1. If the Kohen did not have relations with his wife after the time that he became a Petzu'a Daka, she may eat Terumah.
2. This applies both to a Toshav (a servant who is Nirtza and serves his master until the Yovel) and a Sachir (a regular Jewish servant who serves his master for six years.)


The Mishnah says that the wife of a Kohen who becomes a Petzu'a Daka may not eat Terumah once he has Bi'ah with her. Rebbi Akiva Eiger asks that the Gemara stated earlier that a man who has relations with his former wife after she was married to someone else does not invalidate her to Kehunah. The reason is that since she was originally permitted to him, the relationship does not invalidate her to Kehunah. Accordingly, this reasoning should apply to a Kohen who became a Petzu'a Daka. Why is his wife invalidated from eating Terumah? The Rashash answers that since some men are a Petzu'a Daka from birth, and as such invalidate their wives from Kehunah, we do not make a distinction between one type of Petzu'a Daka and another.


Just as a person must be circumcised in order to bring the Korban Pesach, so must his young children and servants be circumcised in order for him to bring the Korban Pesach. If the Pesach was slaughtered before he circumcised them, the Korban Pesach is Pasul. Additionally, the Tevilah of his maidservant for the purpose of servitude also must have been done before he may bring the Korban Pesach. It is a matter of tradition that the immersion of the maidservants has the same Din as the Bris Milah of the servants. (Rambam, Hilchos Korban Pesach 5:5)

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