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A woman is not regarded as having a Veses Kavu'ah until she sees blood on the same date three times, and she is not Tahor from the Veses until it is uprooted three times.
An ox does not become Mu'ad until Beis Din warns the owner three times.
If a thrice-married woman remains childless after three periods of ten years, she does not have to return the Kesuvah that she received from her first two husbands. (1)
If a woman marries for the fourth time and finally has children, her third husband does not have to pay her the Kesuvah retroactively. (2)
If a husband and wife blame each other for their infertility, the wife is believed.
Rava says that a husband may marry as many women as he can support.
If the husband claims that his wife miscarried within the first ten years and the woman claims that she did not, the woman is believed. (3)
If a woman miscarries three times she has a Chazakah of miscarriages. (4)
If the wife says that she miscarried three times and her husband says that she miscarried twice, she is believed.
Only the husband is obligated in Peru u'Revu. Rebbi Yochanan ben Berokah says that the wife is also obligated.
It is a Mitzvah to refrain from rebuking someone who for sure will not listen. (5)
The characteristic of Shalom is so important that even Hashem altered the facts for the sake of Shalom.
A woman may demand a divorce and her Kesuvah with the claim that her husband's inability to have children will leave her all alone in her old age.


1. She could claim that she only now became infertile and she was fertile during her first two marriages.
2. He could claim that she only now became fertile and that at the time of his marriage she was infertile.
3. If a woman miscarries sometime during the ten years, her husband does not have to divorce her. We believe her when she claims that she did not miscarry, because if she really miscarried she would admit it so that people will not think that she is infertile.
4. Her husband must divorce her because perhaps he does not merit having children with her.
5. Rebbi Aba says that it is an obligation to refrain from rebuking someone who definitely will not listen.


The Gemara says that it is a Mitzvah to refrain from rebuking someone who for sure will not listen. This is because it is a disgrace to the honor of Hashem that His word should be said over and yet not heeded. It is for the same reason that it is a Mitzvah to tell over the word of Hashem because it is a means of honoring Him. Rebbi Aba says that it is an obligation to refrain from saying something that will not be heeded, because one might cause the Rasha to despise him and he will be bringing hate into the world. (Maharal)


A woman is not commanded in the Mitzvah of Peru u'Revu. However, some opinions state that a woman should not remain unmarried, because it brings upon her suspicion. (Shulchan Aruch EH 1:14)

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