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YEVAMOS 31-35 - Mrs. Rita Grunberger of Queens, N.Y., has dedicated a week of Dafyomi material in loving memory of her husband, Reb Yitzchok Yakov ben Eliyahu Grunberger. Irving Grunberger helped many people quietly in an unassuming manner and he is dearly missed by all who knew him. His Yahrzeit is 10 Sivan.


The concept of Isur Kollel (a second prohibition that encompasses other prohibitions along with it) does not apply in a case of a non-Kohen who eats Melikah. (1)
If a non-Kohen reaches adulthood on Shabbos, the two prohibitions of a non-Kohen performing the Avodah on Shabbos arrive at the exact same moment.
A Katan was Tamei and also a Ba'al Mum. When he becomes a Gadol, the two prohibitions of a Ba'al Mum who is Tamei performing the Avodah arrive at the same time. Alternatively, if a person cuts himself with a knife that is Tamei, he becomes Tamei and a Ba'al Mum at the same time.
The dispute between Rebbi Chiya and Bar Kapara is about the opinion of Rebbi Shimon in the case of two prohibitions that take effect at the same time. (2)
According to Bar Kapara, Rebbi's statement that a person is Chayav for both prohibitions that occur at the same time is according to Rebbi Yosi, but not according to Rebbi Shimon.
Rebbi Chiya: When Rebbi said that, according to Rebbi Shimon, a person is Chayav only for one of the two prohibitions, he was referring to a case of Isur Kollel. Bar Kapara did not realize that the case of a non-Kohen eating Melikah is not a case of Isur Kollel, and he applied the statement of Rebbi to that case as well. Afterwards, when he realized that the case of a non-Kohen eating Melikah is a case of Bas Achas and not a case of Isur Kollel, he thought that the statement of Rebbi that one is Chayav for only one Isur applies in a case of Bas Achas.
A non-Kohen may perform the Shechitah of a Korban.
Rebbi Yosi: The Melachah of igniting a fire on Shabbos is only a Lav, and there is no Chiyuv Misah for it.
According to some opinions, only the Kohen Gadol may perform the Shechitah of the Par of the Kohen Gadol on Yom ha'Kipurim.
If two people mix up their wives on their wedding night, they must separate from their wives for three months. (3)
A Ketanah who is seduced is regarded as an Ones.


1. The two prohibitions of eating Neveilah and a non-Kohen eating Kodesh take effect at the same time. Even though the Kodesh was prohibited even prior to the Melikah, that prohibition is the Isur of Me'ilah which applies to both Kohanim and non-Kohanim. At the time of the Melikah, the prohibition of Me'ilah no longer applies and is replaced by the prohibition of a non-Kohen eating Kodesh.
2. Rebbi Shimon: If one has relations with the wife of his brother (Eshes Achiv) who is also the sister of his wife (Achos Ishto), he is Chayav only for one of the prohibitions. According to Rebbi Chiya, Rebbi Shimon's ruling applies in a case in which the Kidushin of the two brothers to the two sisters were not at the same time. However, if they occurred at the same time, he would agree that the man is Chayav for both prohibitions. How is it possible that the two prohibitions took effect at the same time? It is a case in which the two brothers appoint one agent to be Mekadesh the two sisters for them, and the two sisters appoint an agent to accept the Kidushin from the two brothers for them. The agents meet each other and perform the two Kidushins at the same time.
3. This is because of the possibility that they became pregnant, and we want to ensure that we know who the father is. However, if the wives are minors who are incapable of conceiving, they are permitted immediately to their husbands. If the wives are the daughters of Kohanim, they are disqualified from eating Terumah.


The Gemara says that if a Kohen cuts himself with a knife that is Tamei, he becomes Tamei and a Ba'al Mum at the same time. The Tosfos Yeshanim asks that it is not exactly at the same time, because as soon as he touches the knife he becomes Tamei, and he does not become a Ba'al Mum until he cuts himself. The Tosfos Yeshanim answers that since the two prohibitions occur within a short time of each other, even though not exactly at the same time, both prohibitions take effect.


A married woman who was raped, but who did not yet have relations with her husband, must wait three months before having relations with him. (Shulchan Aruch EH 13:6)
If the woman did not have relations with her husband within three months, it is the same as if she never had relations with him, and she must wait three months before resuming relations with her husband. (Chelkas Mechokek)

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