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R' Chanina says the departure of the Neshamah from the body is as difficult as forcing a rope through the cavity in the sail of a ship. (1)
R' Levi the son of Chaysa says one who takes leave from a deceased should not say go l'Shalom instead he should say go b'Shalom.
One who takes leave of a living person should not say go b'Shalom instead he should say go l'Shalom. (2)
R' Levi says that anyone who goes from the Beis Keneses to the Beis Midrash and vice versa merits the Divine Presence.
R' Chiya Bar Ashi says that Torah scholars have no tranquility, not in this world and not in the next.


1. R' Yochanan says it is like pulling thick ropes through the gap in the planks of a ship.
2. David ha'Melech parted from Avshalom with the words go b'Shalom and [Avshalom] ended up being hung while Yisro parted from Moshe Rabeinu with the words go l'Shalom and he went with great success.


The Gemara says that Torah scholars have no tranquility, not in this world and not in the next. The Torah scholars teach Torah to their students and peers and guide them in the path of fear of Heaven and good deeds. Consequently the Torah and good deeds that their students engage in after the death of their Rav will be credited to their Rav as well. When their students learn and teach the Torah that they were taught by their Rav, the lips of the Rav will murmur in the grave, therefore Torah scholars do not have tranquility in the next world. (Chasam Sofer)


After a person departs from the Beis Keneses he should go to the Beis Midrash and should set aside time for learning Torah. The time that is set aside for learning Torah must be inviolate and should not be postponed even at the expense of losing a large profit. (Shulchan Aruch OC 155:1)
In those days the tefilos were held in the beis keneses and people learned in the beis midrash. However even nowadays where both the tefilos and the torah learning are held in the same place this concept still exists. After the tefilah each person should go join a group and participate in the study of the torah. Each person must have an inviolate time that is set aside for torah study because one of the question s a person is asked on the day of judgment is "did you set aside time for torah study". The best time to do so is immediately after the tefilah because the pasuk says that a person who goes from the beis keneses to the beis midrash will merit the divine presence. Additionally if person first goes to work prior to his torah study, the danger exists that he will get caught up in his work and will forget about his torah study. (mishnah berurah)

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