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A person that deliberately delayed doing his work until Chol ha’Mo’ed is penalized and he may not do the work on Chol ha’Mo’ed even if there will be a financial loss, but if he dies his son that inherits his possessions is not penalized and may do the work.
A person that makes his friend’s food ritually impure is penalized and must pay his friend for the loss, but if he dies before the payment his son is not responsible for the payment. (1)
It is forbidden to buy animals, houses or servants on Chol ha’Mo’ed unless it is necessary for the Mo’ed or the seller needs the money for food.
It is permitted to hire a worker to do work that is otherwise forbidden on Chol ha’Mo’ed if the worker needs the wages for food.
Tailors, barbers and laundrymen are allowed to ply their trade on Erev Pesach until midday. (2)
It is forbidden to move your possessions from one house to another on Chol ha’Mo’ed but they may be moved from one house in the courtyard to another house in the same courtyard.
On Erev Pesach it is permitted to bring a utensil to a repairman and to retrieve it, but on Chol ha’Mo’ed it is forbidden unless it is a utensil that is needed for Yom Tov. (3)
It is permitted on Chol ha’Mo’ed to use straw to cover figs that are drying in the field. Rebbi Yehudah says that it is also permitted to pile up the figs to make them easier to cover.
It is permitted to sell fruit, clothing and utensils discreetly on Chol ha’Mo’ed, however spices may even be sold publicly.


1. Making a friend’s food ritually impure is regarded as an indiscernible damage and as such is not liable according to the Torah. Although the Rabanan do penalize him and make him pay, but if he dies the penalty is not passed on to the son.
2. Only work that is needed for Yom Tov is permitted on Erev Pesach, while on Chol ha’Mo’ed it is permitted to do work in order for the purpose of avoiding a financial loss.
3. If a repairman does not have food to eat it is permitted to give him his wages on Chol ha’Mo’ed as long as you do not take the utensil from him. If you don’t trust him you may place the utensil in a nearby house. If the utensil is not secure in the nearby house you may bring it discreetly to your house.


Tosfos says that it is not only houses, servants and animals that may not be bought on Chol ha'Mo'ed unless they are needed for the Mo’ed, it is forbidden to buy other items as well unless it is needed for the Mo’ed. The Mishnah mentioned specifically these items because otherwise one might think that these items are forbidden even if they are needed for the Mo’ed since these items can’t be sold discreetly. However the Magid Mishneh says it is permitted to buy items that could be bought discreetly on Chol ha’Mo’ed if you need them after Yom Tov or you have the opportunity to buy them cheaply and you stand to make a profit. However houses, servants and animals that can’t be bought discreetly may not be bought unless they are needed for the Yom Tov or the seller needs the money for his Yom Tov necessities. (Tosfos Yom Tov)


It is forbidden to move from a house in one courtyard to a house in another courtyard on Chol ha’Mo’ed even if you are moving into a nicer house. The prohibition applies both to changing your place of residence and to moving utensils that are not needed for the Mo’ed. It is certainly forbidden to transfer money from one town to the next. However it is permitted to move from one house to the next if they are both in the same courtyard. If the houses are open to an alley instead of a courtyard there are some opinions that it is permitted to move to the house next door. If a person is afraid that the courtyard that he lives in is unprotected from thieves it would be permitted to move into another courtyard or even into another town in order to avoid a loss. (Shulchan Aruch OC 535: 1, 2)

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