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1. The Gemara concludes that a Beis Midrash (study hall) has greater sanctity than a Beis Kneses (synagogue).
2. The Gemara inquires as to whether a person may sell an old Torah scroll in order to buy a new one.
3. One may sell a Torah scroll in order to be able to learn Torah or get married.
4. There is a dispute about whether one may sell a publicly-owned synagogue so that it will be used as a private synagogue.
5. The larger the group of people that serve Hashem, the greater is the glory of Hashem.


1. Accordingly, one may turn a Beis Kneses into a Beis Midrash, but one may not turn a Beis Midrash into a Beis Kneses.
2. The question is whether this is forbidden because it is not ascending in holiness, or whether it is permitted because it cannot ascend in holiness (as a Torah scroll is the holiest item that one can buy).
3. The Gemara concludes that this is not a proof that one may sell a Torah scroll in order to buy a newer one with the proceeds, as perhaps this sale is permitted only for learning Torah and not for reading the Torah.
4. The Chachamim say that this is forbidden, as it is lowering it from its holiness. Rebbi Meir says that this is permitted, as otherwise one would not be able to sell a holy item from a big city to a small city.
5. Accordingly, if one has a choice of serving Hashem (i.e. praying) with a large group of people or with a small group of people, he should pray with the larger group (if all other factors are equal).

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