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MEGILAH 24 (8 Av) - Dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Mrs. Lily (Leah bas Pinchas) Kornfeld, who passed away on 8 Av 5765, by her daughter and son-in-law, Diane and Andy Koenigsberg and family. May Lily and her husband's love for Torah and for Eretz Yisrael continue in all of their descendants.


1. It is practical for a blind person to carry a torch at night when he is walking outside.
2. Kohanim with noticeable impairments, as detailed in the Gemara, should not perform Birkas Kohanim.
3. These impairments (#2) refer only to those on the face, hands, or feet.
4. Rebbi Yehudah: If a Kohen's hands are stained with paints or dyes, he may not perform Birkas Kohanim.
5. We do not allow a person to lead the prayers if he refuses to do so while wearing colored clothing or with shoes.


1. It helps others to warn him if he is about to stumble, and will save him.
2. However, if a Kohen with these impairments is well known in his city, he may perform Birkas Kohanim in his city.
3. A person whose eyes tear regularly is considered to have an impairment regarding Birkas Kohanim.
4. However, if the work of most people in the city involves paints and dyes, he may perform Birkas Kohanim.
5. Since these behaviors are permitted, we suspect that he is following the heretics who say that these behaviors are forbidden, and therefore we forbid him from being the Chazan.

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