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MEGILAH 20 - dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Reb Aharon Dovid ben Elimelech Shmuel Kornfeld (Muncasz/Israel/New York), who passed away on 3 Av 5761, by his daughter, Shifra, and family. May his love for Torah and for Eretz Yisrael be preserved in all of his descendants.


1. Both Rebbi Yehudah and Rebbi testified that when they were minors they read the Megilah in front of Torah scholars.
2. The Mishnah lists many Mitzvos that should be done after sunrise, but may be done from dawn (Alos ha'Shachar).
3. The Gemara quotes the sources saying that these Mitzvos must be done during the day.
4. The next Mishnah cites a long list of Mitzvos that can be done anytime during the day.
5. The Gemara quotes the sources that these Mitzvos must be done during the day.


1. However, the Chachamim discount this for two reasons. It is testimony from when someone was a minor, and the one testifying is the one who is lenient.
2. Some of these Mitzvos include the daytime Megilah reading and Bris Milah.
3. For example, regarding Bris Milah, the verse says, "And on the eighth day."
4. This long list includes Mitzvos such as Hallel, Lulav, and Shofar.
5. For example, regarding taking Lulav on Sukos, the verse states, "And you will take for yourself on the first day."

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