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1. A person who accepts upon himself not to worship idols is called a "Yehudi."
2. Kalev married Bisyah (Moshe Rabeinu's adoptive mother).
3. The Gemara discusses whether "Esther" was in fact Esther's real name.
4. Some say that Esther was naturally very beautiful, and some say that she was green.
5. Esther became an orphan from both of her parents immediately after her birth.


1. The verse in Daniel (3:12) states, "Yehudi men are coming... who do not bow down to idols."
2. Even though her husband is referred to by the verse as "Mered," the Gemara explains that he was called this to allude to the fact that they were meant for each other: Just as he rebelled ("Marad") against the plot of the Meraglim, she rebelled against the idol-worship of the house of her father, Pharaoh.
3. Some say that her name was actually Hadassah, and she was merely called Esther either because she "hid" ("Histir") her identity from Achashverosh, or because she was as beautiful as the moon ("Istahar" in Aramaic means "moon").
4. According to the opinion that she was green, Hashem performed a miracle so that people found her attractive.
5. Her father died soon after she was conceived, and her mother died in childbirth.

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