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1. The Gemara records the incident of King Ptolemy and the 72 Jewish elders.
2. Hashem inspired all of these elders to make identical emendations in their translations.
3. The Mishnah discusses the difference between a Kohen Gadol who was anointed and one who was not.
4. The Kohen Gadol presently serving would bring the bull on Yom Kippur and the special flour-offering every day.
5. The Kohen Gadol who served temporarily would have most of the laws of a Kohen Gadol apply to him for the rest of his life.


1. Ptolemy wanted to read an accurate translation of the Torah, and therefore he secluded each elder in a separate room, instructing them to translate the Torah. Miraculously, they all ended up writing the same translation (with the same changes, as stated below).
2. All of the emendations in the translations involved matters that prevented Ptolemy from presuming incorrect things about Hashem or the Torah. They altered the name of the unkosher animal, "Arneves" (a hare), because this was the name of Ptolemy's wife.
3. The second Beis ha'Mikdash did not have the special anointing oil used for Kohanim Gedolim, and therefore the Kohen Gadol was sanctified by wearing the special garments of a Kohen Gadol. The Mishnah explains that an anointed Kohen Gadol had the unique law that he would have to offer a bull to atone for his sin if he would mistakenly rule that a sin punishable by Kares is permitted.
4. Even if a Kohen Gadol received a blemish and another Kohen substituted for him until he recovered, the second Kohen would not keep the status of Kohen Gadol with regard to these special Korbanos.
5. For example, he is forbidden to marry a widow, and he must wear the special garments of the Kohen Gadol when he serves in the Beis ha'Mikdash. While this is the opinion of our Mishnah according to Rebbi Meir, Rebbi Yosi argues that he may no longer serve at all in the Beis ha'Mikdash.

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