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1. There is a dispute about whether one must read the Megilah with a Minyan.
2. The Mishnah discusses how we deal with dates of significance that must be rescheduled.
3. The Gemara explains why we override certain dates.
4. The Gemara at first understands that one may not work on Purim.
5. Rav Asi read the Megilah in Hutzal on both the fourteenth and the fifteenth of Adar.


1. Rav: It does not have to be read with a Minyan when it is read on the proper day, but it does have to be read with a Minyan when it is read earlier (such as on the eleventh). Rav Asi: It always requires a Minyan.
2. For example, we sometimes observe those days earlier, such as we do with the date on which the villagers read the Megilah (earlier than the fourteenth, not later). However, we often do these things later, such as when Tish'ah b'Av falls on Shabbos and is instead observed on Sunday.
3. For example, we do not want to bring forward a day related to punishment, such as Tish'ah b'Av. We therefore push it to the next day (not the previous day).
4. The Gemara concludes that this is not forbidden according to Halachah, as it was not universally accepted. However, if a certain place has a custom not to work on Purim, it should be upheld in that place.
5. This is because he was unsure about whether it was called a walled city or an unwalled city.

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