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1. The Targum (the primary Aramaic translation) of the Torah was written by the convert, Unkelos.
2. The Targum of Navi (Prophets) was written by the Tana, Yonasan ben Uziel.
3. Yonasan ben Uziel wanted to write a Targum on Kesuvim, but he was told by Heaven not to do so.
4. Even though Chagai, Zecharyah, and Malachi were prophets, they did not see the vision that Daniel saw.
5. The Gemara discusses how important it is to hear the reading of the Megilah.


1. Unkelos received his understanding of the Torah from the teachings of Rebbi Yehoshua and Rebbi Eliezer.
2. He received his understanding of the Prophets from Chagai, Zecharyah, and Malachi (who were prophets themselves).
3. This is because the Targum contains in it the exact date that Mashi'ach will arrive.
4. A prophet is defined primarily as someone who was sent to prophesize to Bnei Yisrael, not as someone who received prophecy. Accordingly, it is possible that a prophet did not see a vision, and that someone else who received prophecy but was not officially a prophet (in this case, Daniel) did see a vision.
5. The Gemara explains that many other Mitzvos are pushed aside in order to first read the Megilah. However, if one is faced with the option to read the Megilah or to bury a Mes Mitzvah (a dead person who has nobody else to bury him), he should bury the dead person.

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