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1. A Torah scholar must be able to have firm opinions.
2. Three people made inappropriate requests from Hashem.
3. Eliezer requested that the right girl for Yitzchak should offer water to him and to his camels.
4. The Gemara explains why these were inappropriate requests.
5. Meisha, the king of Mo'av, sacrificed his firstborn son to Hashem.


1. However, he should not get angry when stating his opinions, as the verse states, "And you should remove anger from your heart."
2. They were: Eliezer the servant of Avraham, Shaul, and Yiftach. Two of them (Eliezer and Shaul) were answered, and one was not.
3. Shaul announced that whoever would defeat Golyas would marry his daughter, and Yiftach pledged that whatever would exit his house first after his victory would be dedicated to Hashem. (It ended up being his daughter.)
4. Regarding both Eliezer and Shaul, the person who would fulfill their condition could have been either cripple, blind, or of bad lineage (which would have been an inappropriate match). Yiftach's daughter came out of his house first (instead of an animal for a Korban, as he imagined would happen).
5. He burned his firstborn son alive to appease Hashem during his battle against Bnei Yisrael, but Hashem never wanted such a sacrifice.

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