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1. Rav Yehudah explains when one may not eat two cooked dishes at the same meal on Erev Tish'ah b'Av.
2. There are various opinions regarding whether one may eat meat and drink wine on Erev Tish'ah b'Av.
3. The Gemara records a number of opinions that consider laws concerning bathing on Erev Tish'ah b'Av to be more lenient than eating meat and drinking wine.
4. The Gemara explains what it is forbidden on Tish'ah b'Av.
5. One is allowed to study sad topics of Torah.


1. One may not eat two cooked dishes after midday on Erev Tish'ah b'Av, if it is the last meal before the fast (known as the Se'udah ha'Mafsekes).If either of these two conditions is not met, one may eat two cooked dishes.
2. The custom to refrain from eating meat or drinking wine during the entire nine days (starting from Rosh Chodesh Av) clearly had not been established yet in the time of the Gemara. Accordingly, there is even an opinion in the Gemara that one may eat meat or drink wine on Erev Tish'ah b'Av as long as it is not the last meal before the fast (known as the Se'udah ha'Mafsekes).
3. They permitted bathing throughout the entire day of Erev Tish'ah b'Av (see #2 above), as opposed to eating meat, which is not permitted during the last meal on Erev Tish'ah b'Av, as stated above. .
4. The main prohibitions are not to eat, drink, bathe, anoint one's self, have marital relations, and learn any Torah that gives one pleasure, as the verse states, "The commandments of Hashem are straight, they gladden the heart." These laws are similar to the laws of a mourner.
5. For example, one may learn the book of Iyov, Eichah, the rebukes given by the prophet Yirmeyahu, and the laws of mourning and Tish'ah b'Av

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