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TA'ANIS 25 (3 Teves 5782) - Dedicated l'Iluy Nishas Leib ben Meier ha'Kohen Ehrmann, on his Yahrzeit. Sponsored by his nephew, Ze'ev Rosenbaum.


1. Rebbi Chanina ben Dosa's household was accustomed to miracles.
2. When his wife complained that they could no longer live in such poverty, he prayed to Hashem and was answered.
3. Hashem sent them a golden leg from Heaven, but they chose to give it back.
4. One should not pray brazenly to Hashem.
5. Rebbi Eliezer once instituted all thirteen fasts for rain, and it still did not rain.


1. For example, his wife would often cause their oven to give off smoke so that people would think that they were baking on Erev Shabbos, despite the fact that they had no grain. However, she would later go to the oven to take out loaves of bread for Shabbos, as they would often appear miraculously.
2. A fist came down from Heaven and gave him a golden leg of a table. However, he then realized that they would be the only righteous people in Heaven with two golden legs on their table instead of three, and he decided to give it back.
3. It was taught that giving the leg back was a greater miracle than receiving it, as Hashem only gives things through miracles; He does not take them back.
4. For example, Levi prayed, "You have gone up to the heavens and You are not minding your children!" This statement was part of the reason why he became lame.
5. As the public departed from the last fast, he asked everyone, "Did you prepare your graves?" They all broke down crying, causing it to rain at last.

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