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1. The Gemara discusses bathing during fast days.
2. The Gemara further explains the restrictions that apply on Tish'ah b'Av.
3. If one must mourn two weeks in a row, certain leniencies apply.
4. A girl of marriageable age may wear makeup even while she is sitting Shiv'ah for her father or mother.
5. One praying Shemoneh Esreh on a fast day adds "Aneinu" during the blessing of Shome'a Tefilah.


1. One who is mourning over the Churban on Tish'ah b'Av, or one who is fasting because he is a mourner for the loss of a family member, may not bathe at all, even in cold water. A person who is fasting for other reasons may bathe in cold water, as he is forbidden only from bathing for pleasure.
2. For example, one is not allowed to wear leather shoes in the city, but he may wear them when travelling (if he needs to do so).
3. One is allowed to bathe in cold water, and cut off a small amount of hair (but not in a normal fashion with a scissors). The Gemara cites as an example the case of Rebbi Yosi ben Chanina who lost two sons one after the other.
4. However, if she is not of marriageable age, she may not do so.
5. However, when the Chazan is reciting Chazaras ha'Shatz, he recites "Aneinu" as a separate blessing, between the blessings of Ge'ulah and Refu'ah.

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