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1. A person must identify with the suffering of the public in his private life.
2. A person who does not identify with the suffering of the public is cursed by two angels.
3. The Gemara brings proof for this concept (#1-2) from Moshe Rabeinu.
4. Whoever identifies with the pain of the public will see the comforting of the public.
5. A Torah scholar should not take upon himself extra fasts if they cause him to learn less Torah.


1. For example, the Gemara says that a person who eats sparingly when there is famine, even though he has enough food to eat well, will be spared from dying unnaturally.
2. They put his hands on his head and say, "This person who separated himself from the public should not see the comforting of the public."
3. When Bnei Yisrael were fighting Amalek for the first time, Moshe Rabeinu sat on a stone in order to lift his hands upward and inspire Bnei Yisrael to remember Hashem. The Gemara points out that the fact that Moshe did not sit on something more comfortable, such as a mattress or pillow, shows that he wanted to identify with the difficult situation Bnei Yisrael faced at being at war.
4. Even if he does not identify with it in the privacy of his own home, it is considered inappropriate behavior, and the walls of his house (some say his own soul) will testify about his behavior.
5. However, if he does not learn less when he fasts, he is considered holy for fasting.

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