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1. The Gemara discusses how the Chachamim tested Aba Umna, and how he passed exceptionally.
2. When the Chachamim told Aba Umna he could have his blankets back, he said that he already had dedicated them to charity.
3. A Bas Kol (voice from Heaven) rang out every day greeting Aba Umna.
4. A similar voice greeted Abaye every Erev Shabbos, and Rava every Erev Yom Kippur.
5. Eliyahu revealed to Rebbi Brokah Chuza'ah which people in the market merited Olam ha'Ba.


1. When he hosted them in his home, they took from there beautiful woolen blankets and brought them to the marketplace to sell them. When Aba Umna arrived at the market and they offered him to estimate their value and "buy" the blankets, he told them the value, and that he was willing to buy them back.
2. This was because he had assumed that the Chachamim acted as they did (#1) because they needed money urgently to redeem captives, and they were embarrassed to ask him for the money. He therefore refused to take the blankets back, even after he was told that this had only been a test of his character.
3. This was due to his many merits, some of which were stated above (#1-2) and some of which were stated earlier in the Gemara (modesty, charity, etc.).
4. When Rava was disturbed because he was not greeted more frequently, it was revealed to him in a dream that his merit protected his entire city.
5. One such person was in charge of a jail. He would ensure that there was no immodesty and promiscuity with Jewish girls. He would also reveal to the Chachamim when the government was plotting against the Jews so that they could pray (and take proper steps) to prevent the plot from becoming enacted as law.

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