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1. One who sees a gathering of 600,000 Jews recites the blessing, "Baruch... Chacham ha'Razim."
2. Ben Zoma would add, "Baruch... she'Bara Kol Elu l'Shamsheini."
3. One who sees an exceptionally wise Torah scholar recites the blessing, "Baruch she'Chalak me'Chochmaso li'Yere'av."
4. One who sees his friend after not having seen him for 30 days recites the blessing of Shehecheyanu.
5. Upon seeing various strange creations of Hashem, one recites the blessing, "Baruch... Meshaneh ha'Beriyos."


1. The translation of this blessing is, "The One Who knows all secrets," meaning that only Hashem knows what each person is thinking in his heart.
2. The translation of this blessing is, "The One Who created all of these to serve me." The Beraisa explains that while Adam ha'Rishon had to toil through all of the stages of plowing, planting, and so on in order to get a loaf of bread (and clothing, and all of his other needs), nowadays one benefits from the many people in the world who do all of this for him, and he is able to enjoy the finished product.
3. If one sees an exceptionally wise Nochri scholar, he recites the blessing, "Baruch... she'Chalak me'Chochmaso l'Beriyosav" (according to the Gra: "l'Basar v'Dam").
4. If he did not see his friend for 12 months, he recites the blessing, "Baruch... Mechayeh Mesim" -- "Blessed is He Who gives life to the dead."
5. The translation of this blessing is, "The One Who changes the creations." This is recited when one sees beings created in a unique manner (e.g. a midget, monkey, or elephant).

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