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BERACHOS 56 (16 Nisan) - Today's Dafyomi study material has been sponsored by Mrs. Reva Ehrlich, who presently resides in Yerushalayim, in memory of her husband, the Chazan Rav Moshe ben Shalom Ehrlich, A"H, a distinguished Shliach Tzibbur and teacher of Torah.


1. Dreams usually involve whatever one thinks about during the day.
2. Bar Hedya, a professional dream-interpreter, would interpret dreams based on how much he was paid by the dreamer.
3. The Gemara discusses dreams in which harm is done to one's body which in fact are good dreams.
4. The Gemara says that a person who has a certain type of dream should recite a verse immediately after having the dream so that the dream will have a positive outcome.
5. The Gemara discusses the significance of seeing various types of animals in dreams.


1. When the Caesar asked Rebbi Yehoshua ben Chananya to tell him what he would dream about that night, Rebbi Yehoshua made up a dream and told it to him. He knew it would be what the Caesar would think about during the day and therefore be the contents of his dream at night. A similar story occurred with Shmuel and the Queen of Sheba.
2. Accordingly, when Abaye and Rava came to Bar Hedya with the same dreams, and Abaye paid him while Rava did not, Bar Hedya interpreted Abaye's dreams favorably but interpreted Rava's dreams unfavorably.
3. For example, when Bar Kapara told Rebbi that he had a dream that his nose fell off, Rebbi interpreted it as a sign that anger from Heaven ("Charon Af") had fallen away from him.
4. For example, someone who sees a river should say a verse including the words, "like a river of peace," to cause the river in his dream to be a good sign. (This is not an interpretation for the dream, but it influences a positive outcome. See Maharsha.)
5. The Gemara states that, in general, all animals in dreams are favorable signs except for elephants and monkeys. Even elephants and monkeys are favorable if they have a saddle.

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