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BERACHOS 55 (15 Nisan - first day of Pesach) - Dedicated by Aharon Ungar of Ramat Beit Shemesh in honor of the usher crew at the Grand Siyum HaShas, Meir Solomon and his wonderful staff of Baruch Rofei Cholim, and for a Refu'ah Sheleimah for Akiva Baruch ben Chayah.


1. Three things cause a person's deeds to be analyzed in Heaven.
2. Three things shorten a person's life.
3. Rav Chisda: A dream that is not interpreted is like an unopened letter.
4. Every dream has something in it that is not true.
5. If a person wakes up while saying a verse from the Torah, it is akin to having a small level of prophecy.


1. They are: walking under a wall that is leaning dangerously, praying with the expectation that Hashem will certainly answer his prayers because he prays well, and thinking that he has so many merits that his friend will be punished for wronging him.
2. They are: refusing to go up for an Aliyah to the Torah when called to do so, refusing to lead the Zimun with a cup of wine, and acting as a self-appointed ruler over the public (see Maharsha).
3. It has no bad or good effect, as dreams have an effect only when they are interpreted.
4. A bad dream serves a better purpose than a good dream, as it can cause a person to repent.
5. Three types of dreams come true: a dream that one has towards the morning, a dream that one has about his friend, and a dream that is interpreted during a dream. Some say that a re-occurring dream also comes true.

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