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BERACHOS 54 (14 Nisan) - dedicated by Mr. D. Kornfeld l'Iluy Nishmas his grandmother, Chayah bas Aryeh Leib Shpira (nee Sole), on the day of her Yahrzeit.


1. One who sees a place where a miracle occurred for Bnei Yisrael must recite the blessing, "Baruch... she'Asah Nisim l'Yisrael."
2. One who hears good news recites the blessing, "Baruch... ha'Tov veha'Meitiv."
3. It is a prayer said in vain when one prays that events that have already occurred should turn out to have happened in a certain way.
4. One should not be lightheaded when he approaches Har ha'Bayis.
5. Og, King of Bashan, uprooted a mountain with intent to throw it upon all of Bnei Yisrael.


1. If a miracle happened to an individual in a certain place, he must recite the blessing, "Baruch... she'Asah Li Nes b'Makom ha'Zeh," when he sees that place. (Other people do not recite that blessing there.)
2. If one hears bad news, he recites the blessing, "Baruch... Dayan ha'Emes."
3. For example, a person should not pray that his pregnant wife should give birth to a boy if the fetus is already formed.
4. One is not allowed to enter Har ha'Bayis with a walking stick, shoes, a money belt, or with dusty feet.
5. Hashem miraculously caused ants to eat away at the mountain and make holes in it so that it slipped over Og's neck. His teeth miraculously grew out and became impaled in the mountain, and he was unable to lift the mountain off of his head. He was immobilized long enough for Moshe Rabeinu to jump up and stab his ankle, causing his death.

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