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1. There is a dispute about what to do if a flame is brought into the Beis Midrash after Shabbos.
2. If a person sneezes in a Beis Midrash, one should not say "bless you."
3. One must recite Birkas ha'Mazon in the place where he ate.
4. The Gemara illustrates the importance of this law (#3) with two incidents that occurred.
5. When a person is offered the honor of leading the Zimun, he should accept the honor.


1. Beis Shamai: Each person should make the blessing on fire for Havdalah on his own, in order that people not have to interrupt their learning for an extended period of time. Beis Hillel: One person should make the blessing for everyone because of the concept of "b'Rov Am Hadras Melech."
2. Doing so will cause constant interruption of Torah learning.
3. If he mistakenly forgot to recite Birkas ha'Mazon where he ate and it is difficult for him to return to that place, he is permitted to recite Birkas ha'Mazon in his current location.
4. A student followed Beis Shamai's opinion that one must return to his place even if he merely forgot, and he found a purse full of gold. Another student relied on the lenient opinion of Beis Hillel that one does not have to bless in his place, and he was eaten by a lion.
5. Even though the person who answers "Amen" is equal to the one who says the blessing, the one who leads the blessing is answered sooner.

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