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1. The Gemara records a Beraisa in which Beis Shamai and Beis Hillel disagree about the order of the blessings of Havdalah.
2. A Sheni does not make a Shelishi when it comes to Chulin.
3. One is permitted to discard bread crumbs that are less than a k'Zayis.
4. The Beraisa's version of the argument (#1) is unlike the Mishnah's version of the argument.
5. The Gemara explains why Beis Hillel says that the blessing on fire is, "Borei Me'orei ha'Esh."


1. According to Beis Shamai, the order of the blessings is: wine, fire, spices, and Havdalah. According to Beis Hillel, the order of the blessings is: wine, spices, fire, and Havdalah.
2. This means that an item of Chulin which is a Sheni l'Tum'ah that touches another Chulin item does not make it Tamei (such that it could make another Chulin item Tamei). However, if the item touched by a Sheni is an item of Terumah or Kodesh, it is Tamei for purposes of Terumah or Kodesh.
3. One who cleans a table should be careful to distinguish pieces smaller than a k'Zayis and pieces larger than a k'Zayis.
4. In the Mishnah's version, Beis Shamai says that the order of blessings is fire, wine, spices, and Havdalah, while Beis Hillel says that the order is fire, spices, wine, and Havdalah. The Gemara concludes in accordance with the view of Beis Hillel as quoted in the Beraisa (#1 above).
5. Beis Hillel says that the text of the blessing is "Me'orei," implying many fires, since there are flames of many colors in a fire (red, white, and green).

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