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1. The Gemara discusses when a minor may be included in a Zimun.
2. The Gemara discusses how a Ziman may be formed when some of the people did not eat bread.
3. After Yanai ha'Melech killed most of the Rabanan, he realized that he did not have anyone left who could recite a blessing for him.
4. The Gemara relates the origins of the four blessings in Birkas ha'Mazon.
5. If a person omits certain parts of Birkas ha'Mazon, he does not fulfill his obligation.


1. The Gemara concludes that once a child knows to Whom he is blessing when he recites Birkas ha'Mazon, he may join a Zimun.
2. The Gemara says that even if seven people ate bread and three ate only vegetables, they may form a Zimun. There is a question about whether this also applies when only six people ate bread.
3. The queen made him swear that if she brought a sage to him, he would not harm the sage. After he promised, she called the sage, her own brother, Shimon ben Shetach, out of hiding in order to make a blessing for him (them).
4. Moshe Rabeinu instituted Birkas ha'Zan when the Man fell. Yehoshua instituted Birkas ha'Aretz when they entered Eretz Yisrael. David and Shlomo instituted Boneh Yerushalayim. Ha'Tov veha'Metiv was instituted in Yavneh when they were able to bury those killed in Beitar.
5. For example, he does not fulfill his obligation if he does not say "Eretz Chemdah Tovah u'Rechavah," or if he does not mention Bris and Torah in Birkas ha'Aretz, and Malchus Beis David in Boneh Yerushalayim.

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