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1. Even when people are sitting together during a meal, one should not make a blessing on wine on behalf of all of them.
2. A special blessing is recited on the smell of persimmon oil.
3. The Gemara teaches the source for reciting a blessing on items that naturally have a pleasant aroma.
4. Everyone loves his [true] job.
5. It is preferable for a person to throw himself into a fiery furnace than to embarrass his fellow man in public.


1. Since they are in the middle of their meal, they are concentrating on swallowing and will not be able to concentrate on listening to the blessing. In contrast, if they have come together immediately before or after the meal and they decide to drink wine, one may recite the blessing on behalf of everyone.
2. Rav Yehudah, who loved Eretz Yisrael, used to say "Borei Shemen Artzeinu." However, the standard blessing to make is "Borei Shemen Arev."
3. The verse states, "Every soul (Kol ha'Neshamah) will praise Hashem," implying that we praise Hashem for things from which the soul, but not the body, derives benefit. This refers to things which have a pleasant aroma.
4. The verse states, "Everything He made well in its proper time." This teaches that even tanners, who deal with smelly hides, find satisfaction in their job. Hashem created people this way (that they like their jobs, even when those jobs may seem disgusting) so that the world would not lack tanners and the like.
5. This is derived from the incident of Tamar, who was ready to be burned rather than publicly embarrass Yehudah.

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