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BERACHOS 41 - Dedicated by Rav Shalom Kelman in honor of Hagaon Rav Yehudah Copperman, author of the annotated edition of the Meshech Chochmah, and most recently "Mavo l'Limud Torah."


1. The Gemara discusses which blessing to say when eating two foods together.
2. There is a dispute about what law is derived from the verse, "Eretz Chitah u'Se'orah...."
3. When Rav Hamnuna wanted to eat both dates and pomegranates, he recited the blessing over the dates.
4. There is a dispute about which blessing one recites when he eats grapes and figs during his bread meal.
5. When one recites a blessing on bread, other foods that come as part of his meal are exempted from a blessing.


1. When eating two foods together, with one being the primary food and the other serving to enhance it, one recites a blessing only on the primary food.
2. Rebbi Yitzchak: This verse teaches that when one has two or more food items of the seven species (listed in the verse) before him, he recites the blessing on whichever one of them is listed closer to the word "Eretz" in the verse. Rebbi Chanan: This verse teaches that the sizes of the fruits of Eretz Yisrael are used to measure the amounts necessary for various Torah laws.
3. He did so because dates are the second fruit listed after the second "Eretz" in the verse, while pomegranates are the fifth fruit stated after the first "Eretz." Therefore, even though pomegranates are listed in the verse before dates, one recites the blessing on dates before pomegranates.
4. Rav Huna: One recites "Borei Pri ha'Etz," but he does not recite the Berachah Achronah for grapes, because his Birkas ha'Mazon covers them. Rav Sheshes: One must also recite the Berachah Achronah for grapes.
5. Similarly, when one recites a blessing on wine, other drinks at this meal are exempted from a blessing.

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