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BERACHOS 34 - Two weeks of study material have been dedicated by Mrs. Estanne Abraham Fawer to honor the Yahrzeit of her father, Rav Mordechai ben Eliezer Zvi (Rabbi Morton Weiner) Z'L, who passed away on 18 Teves 5760. May the merit of supporting and advancing Dafyomi study -- which was so important to him -- during the weeks of his Yahrzeit serve as an Iluy for his Neshamah.


1. One who is asked to lead a prayer service (such as Minchah) should at first refuse to do so.
2. The Gemara describes how one should respond when asked to lead a prayer service.
3. There are three distinct sections in the Shemoneh Esreh.
4. There are specific points in the Shemoneh Esreh at which one bows.
5. When Rebbi Chanina ben Dosa would pray for the sick, he could tell if they would live or die.


1. He should indicate that he considers himself not fit to do so.
2. He should at first refuse, then start to get up to lead the service, and only go after being asked (i.e. encouraged) a third time should he agree to lead the prayers.
3. The first three blessings are comparable to the praises of a servant to his master when he begins to speak. The middle blessings are like the requests that a servant then asks from his master. The last three blessings are comparable to the words of gratitude the servant expresses when his requests have been granted.
4. One bows at the beginning and end of the first blessing (Avos), and at the beginning and end of the blessing of thanksgiving (Modim, ha'Tov Shimcha). One should not bow at other times, and if he does we tell him to refrain from doing so.
5. He explained that if his prayer flowed smoothly from his mouth, then he knew that the person would live. If his prayer did not flow smoothly, then he understood that the person would die.

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