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1. The Gemara notes that although more Torah was learned by the later generations, miracles happened only to the earlier generations.
2. The Gemara explains the reason for why miracles occurred for earlier generations.
3. The descendants of Yosef are not affected by the evil eye.
4. Women and children are exempt from Keri'as Shema.
5. Women are obligated to pray every day.


1. The Gemara says that in Rav Yehudah's generation they did not learn all six orders of Mishnah, while in our generation they do. Yet, when Rav Yehudah took off one shoe in order to pray for rain, it started to pour, while we pray all day for rain and nothing happens.
2. It is because they would underwent great sacrifice in order to fulfill the Torah.
3. The verse states in the blessing of Yosef, "Ben Poras Alei Ayin." Rebbi Avahu explains: Do not read this as Alei Ayin, but rather Olei Ayin (they are removed from the eye), meaning that the evil eye does not affect them.
4. The Mishnah specifically states that women are exempt, even though it is seemingly obvious since it is a Mitzvas Aseh sheha'Zman Gerama, because one might have thought that they are obligated since it involves accepting the yoke of Heaven.
5. They are also obligated to put a Mezuzah on their doorways and to recite Birkas ha'Mazon.

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