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1. One is allowed to speak in the middle of Hallel in certain situations, as well as during Keri'as Shema.
2. The Gemara lists two laws where tasting is not deemed eating.
3. One should not formally greet his friend before praying in the morning.
4. A person who sleeps for seven days without dreaming is called an evil person.
5. One who recites Shema in the morning without wearing Tefilin is considered as though he testifies falsely about himself (this is a euphemism; it means that he is considered as though he testifies falsely about Hashem).


1. The Gemara differentiates between the full Hallel and the half Hallel, with the laws regarding full Hallel being more stringent.
2. Tasting food on a fast day is not considered breaking the fast. Also, one does not have to recite a Berachah if he merely tastes food.
3. Similarly, one should not take care of his own pursuits before he prays in the morning.
4. The Gemara derives this from an alternative reading of the verse, "He [who has fear of Hashem] shall lie down satiated (Save'a), and not be visited with evil." The alternative reading is, "He who sleeps for seven (Sheva) nights without being visited [by a dream] is evil." (See Insights in the name of the Vilna Ga'on.)
5. Rebbi Yochanan: He is considered as though he offered an Olah without its flour offering, and a Shelamim without its libations.

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