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BERACHOS 11 - Sponsored by Shlomo Wertenteil of Rechovot in memory of his wife, Esther Chaya Riva bas Kalman Zelig, who passed away on 29 Menachem Av 5761.


1. The Gemara states that one who is involved with a Mitzvah is exempt from doing a different Mitzvah.
2. A mourner is obligated in all of the Mitzvos except for wearing Tefilin on the first day of mourning.
3. Rebbi Tarfon risked recited Shema in the manner which Beis Shamai taught, and he thereby endangered his life.
4. The Mishnah discusses the blessings of Keri'as Shema.
5. There are three opinions regarding the text of Birkas ha'Torah. The Gemara concludes that we say all of them.


1. This is derived from the verse, "When you are sitting in your house," implying that one is obligated to read the Shema only when he is not involved with another Mitzvah.
2. This is derived from Hashem's words to Yechezkel, when he was going to be mourning for his wife: "Your glory shall be worn upon you," referring to his Tefilin. The implication is that every other mourner does not wear Tefilin.
3. Rebbi Tarfon related that he was once traveling on the road and was careful to lie down to say Shema in accordance with the opinion of Beis Shamai, and bandits in the area nearly killed him. The Chachamim responded that had anything bad happened to him, he would have deserved it, since he transgressed the words of Beis Hillel.
4. In the morning, we recite two blessings before Shema and one after it. In the evening, we recite two blessings before Shema and two after it.
5. Rav Yehudah: We say, "la'Asok…." Rebbi Yochanan: We conclude the blessing with, "Ha'arev Na…." Rav Hamnuna: We recite a different blessing: "Asher Bachar Banu…." The Gemara concludes that we say all of these.

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