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1. Bruriyah convinced Rebbi Meir not to pray that evildoers should die, but rather that they should repent.
2. Yeshayah rebuked Chizkiyah for not having children, even though Chizkiyah foresaw that his children would be evildoers.
3. Despite the decree that Chizkiyah should die because he did not attempt to fulfill the Mitzvah of having children, he recovered.
4. Chizkiyah did six noteworthy things, three of which the Rabanan praised and three which they thought were wrong.
5. Beis Shamai and Beis Hillel argue about how one should say Keri'as Shema.


1. She proved this to him from the verse, "The sins should be eradicated from the land, and there will be no more sinners." Since it says "the sins should be eradicated" and not "the sinners," the implication is that there will be no evildoers due to their repentance.
2. When Chizkiyah told this to Yeshayah, Yeshayah responded, "You should not get involved with the plans of Heaven, but rather do the Mitzvah that you are commanded to do."
3. Although Chizkiyah was told by Yeshayah that it was decreed that he should die, Chizkiyah responded by saying that it is never too later to pray. He prayed, recovered, married, and indeed had a son named Menasheh who was exceedingly wicked (some say he eventually repented).
4. The Chachamim praised him for hiding the Book of Healing, grinding up the copper snake made by Moshe Rabeinu, and dragging his evil father's corpse on a bed of rope. They did not agree with his closing of the waters of Gichon, his cutting down the doors of the Heichal and sending them to the king of Ashur, and his making Nisan a leap month during Nisan.
5. Beis Shamai: A person should say Keri'as Shema at night while lying on his side, and in the morning while standing, as the verse states, "When you lie down and when you rise up." Beis Hillel: A person may say Keri'as Shema in whatever position he wants. The verse refers to saying it at the time of sleeping (at night) and at the time of rising (the beginning of the day).

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