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BERACHOS 6 (12 Teves) - Dedicated in memory of Joel Yitzchak ben Shraga Fivish Bikelnitsky, by his granddaughter Sima Bekelnitzky.


1. Aba Binyamin: If we would be able to see demons, we would not be able to stand.
2. The Gemara relates how one can see these demons.
3. A person's prayers are heard only in a synagogue.
4. One should not run out of the synagogue.
5. A man should be careful to always pray Shacharis, Minchah, and Ma'ariv.


1. Rav Huna: Each person has thousands of demons on his left and tens of thousands on his right. Rava: They cause people to feel crowded during Shi'urim, and they wear out the clothes of the Chachamim.
2. However, it also notes that Rav Bibi bar Abaye did so and became ill. The Rabanan prayed for him and he recovered.
3. This is based on the verse, ".. to hear the beautiful song and the prayers." This verse teaches that prayer is heard in a place of beautiful song, which refers to the praises of Hashem that are sung in the synagogue.
4. However, when one goes to a synagogue it is a Mitzvah to run, as the verse states, "We should run to know Hashem."
5. The verse states, "Hashem, in the morning you will hear my voice." We see that Eliyahu ha'Navi was answered only at Minchah. The verse regarding Ma'ariv states, "The lifting of my hands for the donation of the evening."

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