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1. Rebbi Zeira explains why Moshe Rabeinu said the plague of the firstborn would happen "around Chatzos."
2. There is a dispute about what David ha'Melech meant when he called himself a "Chasid" ("pious one").
3. Why did the Chachamim say that one should read Shema before Chatzos?
4. There is a dispute about whether one should mention redemption, Ge'ulah, before the Shemoneh Esreh of Ma'ariv.
5. Whoever says "Ashrei" three times each day is guaranteed a portion in the World to Come.


1. Moshe Rabeinu certainly knew when Chatzos would be, but Pharaoh's astrologers did not. Moshe Rabeinu did not want them to think that Hashem did not bring on the plague exactly at Chatzos.
2. One opinion: David ha'Melech meant that he would arise to learn at Chatzos every night, while most kings arise only after one third of the day has passed. Another opinion: While most kings are interested only in their own honor, David ha'Melech dealt with all types of Halachic questions which soiled his hands for the sake of Bnei Yisrael. He also humbled himself by consulting his Rebbi, Mefiboshes, to ascertain whether his rulings were correct.
3. The Chachamim were concerned that a person would come home from work tired, and decide to first eat, drink, and sleep a little and only afterwards recite Shema. They suspected that his sleeping a little would turn into a full night of sleep and he would miss Shema. Therefore, they decreed that one must first say Shema before he eats a meal or goes to sleep.
4. Rebbi Yochanan: While the main redemption from Egypt happened during the day, there was an element of redemption at night. Therefore, one should mention the redemption at night as well. Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi: The redemption occurred only during the day, and therefore one must mention the redemption only during the day.
5. This is because Ashrei is comprised of praises of Hashem starting with every letter of the Alef-Beis, and it also states that Hashem provides sustenance for the entire world.

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