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Rabbi Hadar Margolin shlit'a
The lecture for Sunday May 28, 2006, 5:30 pm Israel time (10:30 am EST)
will be given by Rabbi Hadar Margolin shlit'a

The subject for today's Shiur is:

Shekalim 9: The Size of the Torah's Revi'is

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Main Sources Page

Kuntras Shi'ur ha'Revi'is, by Rav Hadar Margolin shlit'a
קונטרוס שיעור הרביעית, מרב הדר מרגולין שליט"א


Source #5
Tzlach, Pesachim 116b


Source #7
List of Torah Shi'urim (from Shemiras Shabbos k'Hilchasa)


Source #8
Approbation of Harav Pinchas Menachem Alter Z'L for Sefer Midos v'Shiuri Torah


Source #9
Meged Tevu'os Shemesh, by Harav Michel Shurkin, shlit'a, #12


Source #10
Midos u'Mishkalos shel Torah, by Rav Y. Weiss shlit'a, p. 72


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