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Rabbi Yehudah Landy, shlit'a

The lecture for Sunday Dec . 5, 6:00 PM Israel time (11:00am EST)
will be given by the renowned Talmid Chacham and historian, Rabbi Yehudah Landy

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The subject for this week's lecture will be
" Searching for the True Har ha'Bayis"


  2. The Rock
  3. The Korban Inscription
  4. Sketch of Sections of Har Habayis
  5. King Solomon's stables
  6. Dome of the Tablets
  7. Aerial Photo of the Temple Mount Today
  8. The Soreg and the Royal Stoa
  9. Rav Koren's Theory
  10. Athens Stoa
  11. Current Day Temple Mount
  12. Tiferes Yisroel Diagram
  13. Topographical Map of Har Habayis
  14. Different Possiblities of the Mikdash Location
  15. Kaufman's Proof
  16. Burial Cave of Nikanor
  17. The Current Major Theories
  18. Elevation Levels
  19. Current Layout #2
  20. Place of the Red Heifer
  21. Amah Stone

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