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Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld, shlit'a

The lecture for Sunday Dec 14, 6:00 PM Israel time (11:00am EST)
will be given by Hagaon Rav Mordecai Kornfeld

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The subject for this week's lecture will be
"Preparing the Korban Minchah"

  1. Map of Israel (North)
  2. Map of Israel (Jerusalem)
  3. Preparing the wheat for grinding
  4. Production of the olive oil
  5. Mixing the oil into the dough
  6. Hagashah
    (approaching the Mizbe'ach with the Minchah)
  7. Pesisah and Kemitzah
    (crumbling the dough, separating a Kometz)
  8. The Machavas
  9. The Marcheshes

Graphics numbers 3-9 were reproduced, with the author's permission, from the pamphlet "The Korban Mincha," part of a pictorial Avodah series written by Rabbi Menachem Moshe Oppen and published by CIS.

Other important sources for this lecture are:
Mevu'ei ha'Kodshim, Rabbi Moshe Slowes (Bnei Brak 5790).
Avodas ha'Korbanos, Rav Aharon Kohen (son in law of the Chafetz Chaim)

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