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Rabbi Yehudah Landy, shlit'a

The lecture for Sunday Sep . 19, 6:00 PM Israel time (11:00am EST)
will be given by the renowned Talmid Chacham and historian, Rabbi Yehudah Landy

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The subject for this week's lecture will be
" A Walking Tour with the Kohen Gadol "

  2. The Rock
  3. Upper City
  4. Information on the Burnt house
  5. Another Burnt House Site
  6. Water Tunnel for the Kohen Gadol's Mikvah
  7. Cave of Shimon ha'Tzadik
  8. Entrance to the Cave
  9. The Cave Itself
  10. Utensils from the Burnt House;
    The Stone Weight
  11. Opposite the Kodesh ha'Kodashim
  12. Holyland Hotel Model: The 2nd Beis Hamikdash
  13. The Kohen Gadol's Usual Garments
  14. The Kohen Gadol in Yom Kippur Garments
  15. The Lottery Box

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