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Yoel Megadesh asks:

WOW. Thank u so much for your last response. I've been waiting.

Now i have another question from 12 a in rosh hashana. Who cares what chachmei umas haolam think about tekufa and mabul? Also lemai nafka mina when mabul started?

Thank u. Looking forward to answer.

yoel megadesh, spring valley, new york

The Kollel replies:

The Aruch Laner explains that actually the Chachmei Umos ha'Olam were not merely using science but also Torah she'b'Ksav in order to come to their conclusion, basing themselves on the verse, "ha'Chodesh ha'Zeh Lachem Rosh Chodoshim." It seems this answers your question. Since they were basing themselves in Torah as well, it is important for people to know that their opinion was not reached based on Torah she'Ba'al Peh, and therefore it is incorrect.

It is certainly important to know when the Mabul started, as many verses in Parshas Noach say when different parts of the Mabul happened, and we have to know how to translate those verses and fully understand them (see a similar answer in Yoma 5b).

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose