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Avrumi Hersh asks:

24b bottom

The gemoro says that acherim made reb gamliel's images.

Then the gemoro asks it should still be ossur like reb yehudas ring, and the gemoro answers that reb yehudas ring was bolet and there was chashad.

How is that an answer? The gemoro says a few lines later that there should be chashad by reb gamliel as well cos he is a yochid. So what was the hava mina to be mechalek by chashad?

Avrumi Hersh, London england

The Kollel replies:

Dear Avrumi,

The Ritva explains-

There remains a difference in Chashad by the ring between Bolet and Lo Bolet, but by the moon even Lo Bolet is a problem- see Tosfos DH v'Ha- since it is Bolet in the sky and is still forbidden. So the question of Chashad to Rabban Gamliel could have been asked immediately, but first the Gemara took care of a different question, from Andarta in the shul, and then the Gemara comes back to that question.

All the best, Reuven Weiner