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Jay Neufeld asked:

The Mishna on 22B states that the Kusim disrupted the process of being mekadesh the chodesh. I understand what the baisussim would gain, as explained earlier in the gemorah, but what would the Kusim gain? Please explain why they would gain by disrupting the process. If they were gerim according to halacha, they wouldn't want to and even if they were not sincere in their gerus process, what did they gain?

Thank you very much,

Jay Neufeld, NMB, FL

The Kollel replies:

Dear Jay,

Hello there and thanks for your question. Although the Kusim converted, they split from the rest of the Jewish people and built their temple on Mt. Gerizim. They only fulfilled certain mitzvos, rejecting others. With regard to Shavuos, they were of the opinion that it always should be on a Sunday. This practice is continued to this very day in the Samaritan community dwelling on Mt. Gerizim. So it seems they had the same or similar objective as the Baisussim.

All the best.

Y. Landy

Jay Neufeld asks further:

Thank you for your response, however I am still confused about the Kusim.

Can you please give us a brief history of the Kusim including sources.

Thank you again,

Jay Neufeld

The Kollel replies:

The King of Ashur brought the people of Kusa to Eretz Yisrael and settled them in the Shomron. They converted to Judaism after they found themselves under attack from lions. There is a Machlokes in the Mishnah whether their conversion was an honest and valid one (Kusim Gerei Emes Hem), or whether it was prompted only by feelings of self-preservation and the Kusim remained Nochrim (Kusim Gerei Arayos Hem). After the times of the Mishnah, they were found worshipping an image of a dove. At that point, the Chachamim unanimously afforded them the status of Nochrim (Chulin 6a).

I hope that this is the information that you were looking for!

Moshe Binyamin Cohen