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Michael Wilchanski asks:

The Gemara says that since Levi was absent from the Beis Midrash in the morning, he did not hear that Rebbi had retracted the ruling he publicized the previous night.

Is that responsible? Shouldn't Rebbi have sent a messenger to notify all those who were in the Beis Midrash the previous night that the ruling he passed was mistaken?

Thank you,

Michael Wilchanski

The Kollel replies:

Rashi (DH v'Levi Amar) points out thatt Rebbi's statement had no Halachic ramifications. He was simply explaining the non-Halachic opinion of Raban Gamliel. Thus, it was not necessary for him to be concerned about the Talmidim who were absent the following morning.

Best wishes,

Mordecai Kornfeld