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Yossi Diskind asked:

Question:when the tanna quotes the posuk from shmini 9:16 i belive "and he brought the olah near and perfomed on it like the laws of"and the gemara goes on to say that this means like the laws of an olah nedava but how do we and do we know that the possuk is talking about an olah chavah? it dosnt say it anywere?-any this question was realy bothering me so i figered that you could help me out here plese get back to me asap have a good day

The Kollel replies:

Rashi addresses your question. We know that this verse in Shemini (Vayikra 9:16) is referring to an Olas Chovah, because the verse at the beginning of the Parshah says explicitly, "Take for yourself a young bull for a Chatas offering, and a ram for an Olah-offering." That was the command that Moshe gave to Aharon to bring the Korban, and then in verse 16, the Torah relates how Aharon carried out his duty and brought the Korban. It was a Chovah because Aharon was obligated to bring it, and it was not an optional or voluntary Korban. (RASHI, DH Vayakrev)

We know that this verse (v. 16) means that Aharon brought this Olah in accordance with the laws of the the Olas Nedavah, because the verse ends, "and he performed it like the laws of [another one]." What other Korban? Since we know that this verse is referring to a Korban Olah (as described above), it must be referring to the laws of a Korban Olah. But where do we find the laws of a Korban Olah described in the Torah? We find the laws of an Olah described only in the section that deals with the Olas Nedavah , in Parshas Vayikra.

I hope this was helpful.

Y. Shaw