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Daniel Charles Fishman asked:

The Gemara says on daf 40a that "BYTOT" they go out of the techum to graze and aferwards they come into techum to rest.However, the Mishnah earlier on daf 37a taught "The animals and the vessels are like the feet of the owners" meaning in regard to techum a animal cannot traverse the distance that the owners cannot traverse so since the owner cant go outside techum how can the GEMARA teach on daf 40a the animals go out to graze outside the techum????

Daniel Charles Fishman , Lawrence New YORK

The Kollel replies:

Dear Charles

Thanks for your question. When we say that the animals of a person are limited to the Techum of the owner, it means that one may not take these items outside of the owner's Techum. The animal however may walk on its own.

Also see Mishnah Berurah 498:15 for some other possible solutions to your question.

Kol tuv.

Y. Landy